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Digital Products for Accelerating Resource Discovery

About Minerals Targeting

International Pty Ltd


Operating since May 2007



To facilitate the discovery of high value resources of metals, oil and gas in order to contribute towards a sustainable society



To significantly increase the Probability of Success of resource exploration projects through the application of a superior understanding of Earth’s structure, history and processes


Goals & Objectives

Deliver digital maps and related products encapsulating the structure and history of Earth’s crust and Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle (SCLM)


Identify critical processes intrinsic to the formation of large resource deposits and generate maps depicting where such processes have or are likely to have, occurred


Demonstrate the application of these products and concepts to the generation of high quality exploration projects


Affect a more powerful understanding of global geodynamics, lithospheric and continental evolution, and metallogeny

Dr Graham Begg

About Dr Graham Begg


Graham Begg has a PhD on epithermal gold systems and tectonics from Monash University.


During 22 years as a geologist with WMC Ltd and BHP Billiton Ltd he gained experience in minerals exploration for a variety of commodities and from 2002-2007 was responsible for the global targeting framework for project generation.


From mid-2002 to the end of 2010 he was also a principal investigator in a (WMC/BHPB) collaborative research project with the GEMOC group at Macquarie University, Sydney. This project aimed to create the first detailed map of the global continental mantle lithosphere, to facilitate a breakthrough in both understanding the controls on giant ore-forming systems, and by extension, greenfields mineral discovery.


In 2007 he formed his own consulting company Minerals Targeting International Pty Ltd, and funds continued collaborative research into lithospheric mapping. He was the 2009 International Exchange Lecturer for the Society of Economic Geologists.