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Operating context - Resource exploration expenditures on a discovery cost per unit basis have steadily climbed over the last few decades. A large proportion of wealth creation from resource exploitation comes from a small proportion of deposits. Exploration of readily accessible terranes with potential for near-surface deposits is maturing rapidly, and increasingly exploration is being driven to blind plays at greater depths and beneath ever-thicker veneers of post-mineral sedimentary cover.


A consequence of the above observations is a need for a step change in the predictive side of exploration project generation. Lithospheric architecture mapping of both crust and lithospheric mantle, coupled with the latest understandings of mineral systems science, provide the opportunity for such a breakthrough.


Strong Discovery Record

String of emerging world class deposit discoveries predicted by GLAM

Target for

Gold, Copper, Nickel, PGE, Diamonds, Base Metals

Global Lithospheric Architecture Mapping

What is Lithospheric Architecture Mapping?


  • A Global Framework of the structure and history of the Lithospheric Mantle and Crust
  • Puts crustal terranes into a new geodynamically-constrained perspective
  • Connects crust, mantle, geodynamics and ore-forming processes
  • Delivers specific product for Project Generation
  • A breakthrough for Minerals Exploration and the Targeting for Giant Deposits, enabling
    • high quality First Mover opportunities
    • rejuvenated exploration in “mature” regions
    • potential project Pipeline
    • a consistent global framework for Informed Decisions

MTI is the world leader in mapping the lithospheric mantle



through industry-sponsored collaboration with

Macquarie University
since 2002

Demonstrated spatial

control on giant ore